Oxford church leader upset about Sunday game

Most students on the Ole Miss campus are primed and ready for Sunday's game with Memphis. But, one local church leader is upset because the game is on the day reserved for worship.

Pastor Fish Robinson of North Oxford Baptist Church is an Ole Miss fan. He's just not a fan of the team playing on Sunday. "God said keep the Sabbath day holy..and that's the issue..are we keeping it holy?," Robinson said.

Anna Powers is a 1st year law student at Ole Miss. She's asking the same question. "I go to church. I do music so yeah it's disruptive to the day," she said.

A couple of churches near campus canceled or rescheduled their services. The reason...they sell their parking spaces to fans to raise money for the church. This Sunday...their lot will be full of people going to the stadium, not church. So, Pastor Robinson is bringing church to the Grove where thousands will gather for the game. "We believe Jesus said I'm the light of the world and we're supposed to be that same light. Well, here's our corner."

The pastor is also unhappy with the city's decision to allow the sale of alcohol by bars and restaurants for THIS Sunday only. "There are going to be people who will drink on Sunday who normally don't drink on Sunday because of their respect or spirituality," he said.

The pastor says it's a battle he can't win, because he knows the bottom line is money.