Best Buy relocates, leaving nearly empty shopping center behind

A popular retail giant in the electronics world opened a new store in Memphis today.

What's interesting is the store is less than 2 miles from its old location!

Some Hickory Hill residents say the move of just a small distance makes a big difference.

Best Buy opened its newest store on Winchester near 385, leaving empty a huge storefront just down the road. Hickory Hill resident Carolyn Drinkwater feels abandoned. "I feel like they just left a big gaping hole where anything can be put there and who knows what will go there," says Drinkwater.

The old Best Buy is at Winchester and Riverdale - just a mile and a half from the new one. Right next door to that is a vacated Super K-Mart.

The store manager says Best Buy moved because it needed more space.

Shopper Otis Russell likes the new store for other reasons. Russell tells us, "The parking is good and I think you've got a little more security further out on this end than you have on the other end."

A common site now along Winchcester - between Riverdale and the Hickory Ridge Mall - are remains of large retailers, housed in sparsely occupied strip malls.

David Cantey runs a Chick-fil-A in front of the old Best Buy. Cantey admits he'd like to see the stores busy again, but says the area's challenges are full of opportunity. Cantey says families in Hickory Hill have money to spend - they just need places to spend it.

Drinkwater says her community will suffer because of the move. According to Drinkwater: "(The new Best Buy) is a different zipcode from the zipcode I live in. this is more - this is getting closer to Germantown."

Best Buy says the new location such a short distance away proves its commitment to staying in Hickory Hill.