New county commissioners react to Garage Gate

It's clear FedExForum's parking garage is not what it was supposed to be... No bus terminal and no sixth floor.
The fallout cost taxpayers millions.

And it's still unclear whether the Shelby County Commission, with eight new members, will continue former commissioner John Willingham's quest to find out how it all happened.

Former Shelby County Commissioner John Willingham says, "Whether anybody will go forward with the investigation to find out, I don't know."

Just hours after being sworn in, Commissioner Wyatt Bunker told me taxpayers deserve the truth and wants to keep a Commission-led investigation going.

Bunker says, "We need justice there if there's been a wrong that's been done intentionally either civilly or criminally done we need to find the answer to that and get justice.  We've got to do it now.  It's fresh and you can't let things like this sit for too long."

Commissioner J. W. Gibson says the three ongoing Federal, State and Local investigations into the parking garage are more than enough and would rather see the Commission wait to act until they're done.

Gibson says, "Based on what I've seen, I'm willing to allow the investigation to be done and we take a look at what they come up with and we make judgements from there."

Gibson says the Commission should focus on better communication with the City, the State and the Feds to keep something like this from happening again on future projects.