Robbers target women in driveways

"I'm hurt and I feel vulnerable."

She's still too shaken to show her face, but strong enough to share her story...

"I just felt like I owed it to my friends and their children," continues the robbery victim.

She had just returned from an early morning errand.

The victim continues, "I was pulling in driveway and thought it was a friend pulling in behind me, but it turned out it was a man asking for directions."

She says the man wanted to know how to get to Highland, and acted confused as she tried to explain the route.

"And then he slowly opened the car door and I thought uh oh, something's up.  He said just stay calm ....I saw he had  a pistol," says the victim.

The robber rifled through the woman's car, even asking her what certain items were and before taking what he wanted and driving off.

That was Wednesday...On Thursday, two women were standing outside their cars in a driveway in this East Memphis neighborhood when two men stopped their car and asked for directions... before showing a gun and stealing the women's purses and jewelry.

Wednesday's victim says she wants the community to step up, and find new ways to protect themselves and prevent these crimes from happening in the first place.

"You can't have enough police to cover this type of crime, you can't have police at everyone's doorstep, and it's coming to your's coming to your doorstep," the victim continues.