Bowers says she won't plea bargain, asks for trial

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - Former state Senator Kathryn Bowers is not worried about the conviction of a former colleague.

Bowers announced Tuesday that she will go to trial on federal corruption charges. Bowers is one of eleven people, including five current or former state lawmakers, charged in the FBI's public corruption sting, named Tennessee Waltz.

Four defendants have pleaded guilty and two were convicted at trial. The rest, including Bowers, are awaiting trial.

Former state Senator Roscoe Dixon, one of those who has been convicted, is scheduled to be sentenced Friday. Dixon was convicted largely on the testimony of a co-defendant, who has pleaded guilty to passing along bribes to Dixon and Bowers.

Prosecutors showed the trial jury a secretly recorded video of co-defendant Barry Myers handing FBI money to Dixon, but Bowers said she's not concerned about Dixon's conviction.

"I can't deal with Roscoe Dixon or anyone else. I'm dealing with Kathryn Bowers," she said.

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