Police respond to fights at Trezevant High School

Video from Chopper 5 over Trezevant High School after the Tuesday morning fights.
Video from Chopper 5 over Trezevant High School after the Tuesday morning fights.

Memphis police responded to the scene Tuesday morning at Trezevant High School after reports of a large fight in the cafeteria Tuesday morning.

At least one dozen police cars and two ambulances responded to the scene at the school.  Soon after, officers brought out several students in handcuffs and put them in the back of patrol cars.  In total, witnesses said two fights broke out.

"We was all going in to the cafeteria, and these boys came through," said witness Tadishia Barclay.  "They started beating up on this boy, and he fell down, and he started having a seizure."

Barclay said she saw different fights happening in two different hallways.  As word of the fights spread, frantic parents rushed to the school to pick up their children.

"These things have been happening up here quite often," said parent Jamie Kelly.  "I was just scared, and I'm coming to get them out of here."

Police confirmed multiple fights, saying the first one started around 11:30am in the school's gym.  "Officers responded to the fight, and while they were investigating, another fight broke out," said Memphis Police Department spokesperson Sgt. Joe Griffin.  "It got kind of out of control, and we had to call for additional officers."

Investigators said three students were taken to the hospital, one by ambulance and two by private car, for minor injuries.  Police transported two students to juvenile court on misdemeanor charges of fighting.  Several other students were put in the back of police cars, but were not charged.