Frasyer residents consider home a house of horrors

A house in Frayser looks pretty good from the street.

But the folks who live here consider it a house of horrors.

Sherry Walls expresses her concern about the contractor..."When they first constructed it, they had problems then from day one."

Sherry Walls is the homeowner's niece.

"You know, you walk and it feels like you're going downhill," continues Walls.

She showed Action News Five where she says water leaks around light fixtures...Walls don't meet the floor...Cracks in the ceiling....Doors that open INTO the hallway.

Walls continues, "And then, they just like threw a door up here and just cut it."

Dorothy Graham is the homeowner.

She says she paid less than 100-thousand dollars for the house.

When asked whether or not Graham thought it was a good deal, she replied "Yea, at first."

Don Scott is a home inspector who has been in the business for more than 30 years.

Graham hired him to take a look at her house.

In his opinion, concerns are much more than cosmetic.

Scott says, "It was some shoddy craftsmanship and probably some structural problems that needed to be addressed."

He points to the attic where these photos were taken.

He says rafters aren't not spaced properly.

Outside, you can see for yourself the roofing doesn't appear up to par.

He doesn't know how it passed inspection in the FIRST place.

"I would think the worst contractor I know would have more pride in his work," continues Scott.

M&B Enterprise, Inc. is responsible for this job.

A little digging shows the Tennessee Board of Licensing Contractors has FOUR complaints against the company on record.

The Better Business Bureau shows at least one.

The owner refused to talk to Action News Five reporter Jason Miles on camera, but Brenda Walls--no relation to Dorothy Graham's niece--said she was happy with the job and promised on the phone to FIX any problems for which SHE was responsible.

Walls says, "But if it's something else they had somebody else come in an do over and above what I did--I will not."

Graham and her family say they've already been round and round with Walls.

And now wish they had done their homework before hiring her.