Dixon Evidence Hints at Bowers Trial

Kathryn Bowers is charged with taking $11,500 in bribes.  Judging from the evidence logs at the courthouse, prosecutors have her on tape.  A lot.  Some of that evidence will be new to us.  Some of it, we've seen already.

Outside Federal Court, now-former state lawmaker Kathryn Bowers was defiant, telling reporters she wants a trial.

"I'm ready to fight," she said.  "Ready to roll my sleeves up. I'll do that too."

Much of her fight will revolve around evidence from Roscoe Dixon's corruption trial.  Her name is mentioned often.

Prosecutors will play video - like the recording of informants Barry Myers and Tim Willis - showing them talking about bribing Bowers and others.  A jury will also hear audio recordings of Bowers and Roscoe Dixon talking to an undercover FBI agent about their influence.

"Bowers:  Don't worry about that."

"Dixon:  Right."

"Bowers:  Don't worry about that."

"Agent:  Okay, well, well tell me, alright..."

"Bowers:  Don't worry about that right now.  I mean..."

"Agent:  Alright."

"Bowers: Whether the people will co-sponsor or not..."

"Dixon:  They send the word out."

"Bowers:  That the word is out that we gonna' pass this bill, that's it.  (unin).  I'm talking 'bout in the House side."

On another recording the same night, at a Nashville Steakhouse, Bowers can be heard with Germantown Representative Paul Stanley.

"Bowers: I'm on the Democratic side, but you and I work together."

"Stanley:  Hey, at the end of the day, we're all..."

"Bowers: I wanted to let you all know that."

"Agent:  What's that?"

"Bowers:  Paul and I , we work together."

"Agent: You do, you do work..."

"Bowers:  (unin) yeah."

"Agent:  Well, I'd really..."

"Bowers:  We understand business."

"Agent:  Well, that would be very helpful (laughs) is what I see would be very helpful."

"Stanley:  We, we try to work on, ah, our other colleagues."

"Bowers:  Yeah."

"Stanley:  Who we think don't understand."

Bowers' trial will begin next Spring.  Defense Attorney Walter Bailey - who represented Dixon during the first part of his trial - says Bowers' decision to move forward is not carved in stone.  "I don't want to speak for her, but you can always change your plea."

But for now, Bowers says that won't happen.

Action News 5 spoke with Paul Stanley Tuesday night .  He has always said he never took any money and hasn't been charged with anything.  He says this whole situation is unfortunate because "it keeps bringing those of us who have no involvement in this situation back up again which is fine," he says, "if it helps the prosecutors bring to justice those who are actually guilty."