Principal resigns amid sexual harassment charges

A north Mississippi high-school principal has resigned in the midst of a scandal involving sexual harassment charges.

Sandra Warfield says she first met Independence High School Principal Al Reed several weeks ago to notify him her son would be out of school for foot surgery. Once in the principal's office, she said, the talk became flirty.

"He said, 'Hello, and sit your pretty little self down,'" she said.
Warfield was offended, and she went to sheriff's investigators, who gave her a tape recorder and told her to secretly record their next meeting.  Warfield did, and said the principal crossed the line again- on tape.

"(He was) talking about tattoos, talking about licking them off, talking about getting naked," she said.

School Superintendent Gary Walker told Action News 5 by phone that after deputies let him listen to the tapes he gave Reed a choice:  resign or be fired.  The 28-year school veteran chose to resign.

The punishment was not strong enough for Warfield. "That's just a slap on the hand," she said. "You know, that's not right."

Warfield said she wants criminal prosecution, but sheriff's officials said area prosecutors will not be getting involved because the case is a civil matter.

Action News 5 was unsuccessful in reaching Reed for comment on Wednesday.  Reed's last day on campus was Tuesday.  He has not been charged with any crime.