Jake Ford fires back at Herenton's endorsement

Mayor Willie Herenton did not hold back... telling reporters there is no way independent candidate Jake Ford is more qualified than Democrat Steve Cohen to hold the 9th Congressional district seat...a position Ford's father and brother held for decades.  But Herenton didn't stop there.

Herenton says, "I've resented for decades the politics of the Ford family. The family seems to think that they should have a monopoly on all elected positions in this state and this county. I've always rejected that."

9th District Candidate Jake Ford says, "Do you think it's a cheap shot by the mayor?  Not at all...not at all. I think if he has that kind of spare time. We ought to sit down and talk about some of the issues of crime.."

This is Jake Ford's first stab at political office.  Herenton said Ford is just hoping to float into office on  his father and older brother's coattails.

Herenton continues, "Because his name is Ford, does that bring magic to the seat? I've always rejected it. It's nothing personal. That's just how I feel."

"I don't know what Willie Herenton is up to right now. All I know is what I'm up to and Steve Cohen can say what he wants and Willie Herenton can endorse who he wants to. I'm going to campaign and campaign hard."

Ford said he does have some serious issues with Cohen's voting record while he was a state senator.

That's just one of the issues Ford said he'd like to debate with Cohen.