75 year old man shot after confronting two burglars

Another night of gunfire in North Memphis.  Police say the 75-year old man who lives at this home on Chelsea pulled a gun on two burglars he found breaking into his back shed.

Major Bill Walsh with Memphis Police says, "One of the suspects came up from behind him, hit him with a two-by-four, knocked him down, took his handgun."

That's when police easy one of the burglars shot the homeowner in the leg with his own gun before they both took off.

Walsh continues, "We're very concerned.  He's a 75-year old man, so the wound to the leg can be serious.  There's a lot of blood here."

Ironically, police say the victim was a member of the Citizens' Crime Watch Group.
Those who live near the victim say he's well known for spending his time caring for others in the neighborhood.

Sharde Peterson, who knows the victim, says, "I just seen him just like check on elderly people and give young kids candy and stuff like that."

A neighborhood crime watcher, now a crime victim.

Peterson continues, "It makes me worried because all these children getting killed, you know, old people getting robbed."

More stress from more crime in a neighborhood looking for relief.