Northwest recalls all furloughed flight attendants

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Northwest Airlines plans to recall all eleven-hundred of its furloughed flight attendants.

Northwest -- which is reorganizing under bankruptcy protection -- says the recalled workers will fill permanent vacancies beginning September 30th.

The recall applies to workers who had volunteered for furloughs as well as involuntary furloughs.

The airline operates passenger hubs in Minneapolis, Memphis and Detroit. The flight attendants union announced the recalls in a hot line message.

The Association of Flight Attendants says workers who don't respond to recall letters within a week will be assumed to have resigned.

Flight attendants have been trying to win legal permission for random, unannounced walkouts aimed at pressuring Northwest to offer them a better contract.

Northwest has said a strike would be illegal, and that its solvency would be in danger if job actions drove customers away.

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