Neighbor complains about abandoned Central Gardens house

Residents in one Mid-South neighborhood are worried about their safety; concerned about the dangers around an abandoned house on York Avenue in Central Gardens.

Natalie Isaac loves her Central Gardens street, but is tired of the house next to her, which she says has been abandoned.

"It's disappointing," she said. "It's depressing. It looks bad."
From the front, it's things look normal, but a peek into the back yard reveals overgrown grass and an attack of weeds.

"We've seen live rats, and we've seen lots of snakes," Issac said. "And it's getting worse."

According to Isaac, the people that used to live in the house moved several months ago, and left two dogs behind.  "They lived with their family, and I can't imagine why they left the animals," she said. "They had children. They were sweet dogs, and now they're completely crazy."

Sometimes food appears, possibly from other neighbors.  Isaac said she called animal control Tuesday, but got nowhere.  "They said that they could not do anything because there was some food left on the ground," Isaac said. "They said someone might be taking care of them."

When contacted by Action News 5, Animal control said they can do something about it, and a crew would be in the area shortly to check on the dogs.  Getting an abandoned property issue resolved is something that begins with a complaint to Code Enforcement.  They'll investigate the complaint, and then issue the property owner a citation.  If nothing is done, the property owner could be sent to court.

Action News 5 will keep you posted on what happens on York Avenue.