State reinspecting Regional Medical Center

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) - State Health Department inspectors are again reviewing procedures at the Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

The reinspection is part of federal regulators' approval of "the Med's" plan to correct deficiencies. The hospital, which serves thousands of north Mississippi residents, must demonstrate by Saturday that is has fixed problems and taken steps to prevent repeats.

The Med's board submitted a 43-page plan on Friday, which federal Medicare officials approved after asking more questions on Tuesday.

State inspectors arrived yesterday morning to begin checking the hospital's compliance with its plan.

More than half of the issues cited by regulators occurred in the jail diversion unit. Also cited were long delays in getting back radiological results.

Hospital administrators don't yet know how much it will cost to implement their plan.

They expect to hire at least three more workers and spend up to $200,000 to meet state regulations on reporting unusual incidents.

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