Property room worker charged with theft

Memphis Police charged a civilian property room worker with stealing more than $13,000 from the department's property room.

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin says, "There's always that one or two individuals that for some reason or another feel that they can get away with something."

In an exclusive interview, Director Godwin told me Doris Smith, hired just eight months ago, typed up at least seven bogus receipts to get money out of the property room's cash vault...then kept it.

Godwin continues, "Four or five years ago maybe even three years ago this may not have been found, probably wouldn't have been found, and it would have went on for I don't know for how long."

M-P-D stepped up security inside the property room after a 2003 scandal led to more than a dozen Federal indictments.
Godwin says new security measures put in place since then led to Smith's arrest.
But councilwoman Carol Chumney, who oversees the council's public safely committee, told me the department needs to do more.

Memphis city councilwoman Carol Chumney says, "I think that we've seen just about every week somebody new get indicted in the police department, some new issue come up, and I think that there needs to be more accountability."

Godwin says he's already added more checks and balances.

"It can't go on now, and just like caught this one, if there's another one, we'll catch it," continues Godwin.

An internal crack down to ensure every dollar inside the property room stays there.