Witnesses react to high speed chase

Thousands of people watched Thursday's high speed pursuit play out live on Action News 5.  But others were up close and personal as it came to a dramatic conclusion.

"It just happened so close to home," says one witness.

The intersection of Summer & Hollywood is usually busy enough.  Things only got busier, and scarier, as a result of the murder suspect's attempt to avoid arrest.

"I was worried about everybody's safety cause it was a trapped intersection," says witness Maurice Reed.  "Nobody could move, North, South, East or West," he adds.

Reed says he saw the suspect pass by not once, but twice.

"And this guy was flying,"  says Reed.  "And when you saw him come through the light you knew somebody was going to get hit," says Reed.

The chase ended just steps from a day-care center.  It was full of kids at the time.

"It was so many police cars," recalls employee Mary Blackmon.  "They was just bundled up trying to catch this suspect," she adds.

She says her primary concern became the safety of these children.

"It was just very devastating to me--just scared me to death," says Blackmon.

Like those watching on TV, witnesses say they felt powerless as the suspect put dozens of lives in danger.  They're just glad this wild ride is finally over.