Alabama murder suspect leads Memphis police on high speed chase

Chopper 5 followed a blue car on a frantic ride along busy rush hour streets just before 6 o'clock Thursday.

Weaving wildly through traffic, the suspect now identified as Christopher Clark broke one traffic law after another, endangering motorists as he roared toward oncoming drivers.

At one point he stops,backs up and heads down a residential street and then back into traffic.

It was one near miss after another.

He slides into oncoming traffic, nearly crashing into officers giving chase.

Finally, Clark pulls into a Summer Avenue B-P station, exits the blue car with gun in hand, and promptly carjacks a Ford Taurus!

Memphis police try to hem him in and he smashes into a Marlboro sign and drops his gun out of the open door.

Clark then crashes as police close in.

He climbs out through the driver window but his getaway ends as police gang tackle Clark, taking him  fittingly on Hollywood---ending a real life roller coaster ride that looked like something out of the movies.