Dixon sentencing delayed for another month

With his hands tightly clenched, Roscoe Dixon sat prepared to be sentenced Friday... but his day in federal court ended before it began.

Dixon says, "Waiting is hard, but I can't comment on the case."

Dixon's sentencing for his conviction in the Tennessee Waltz Corruption scandal was put off for one month.  His attorney, Coleman Garrett, told a federal judge that he was unable to prepare for the hearing because he has been busy tending to a terminally ill family member.

Dixon continues, "You just gotta wait.  Patience is long suffering and you just gotta be patient."

Dixon credits friends, family and faith with helping him stay strong throughout the case, but nothing can reverse the financial toll its taken.

"I'm struggling man," continues Dixon.

But for a man who will likely to serve time behind bars, its hard to put a price on 30 MORE days of freedom.