High speed chase victim speaks out

Before the wild chase..Christopher John Clark stopped by to see an old friend.

Victim William Millican says, "He was in a raging hell. He was very demanding...never seen him like that.  He was insane."

William Millican was one of Clark's best friends.

Millican continues, "What woke me up was him hollering and cussing."

Millican said Clark pulled the stolen car into his yard... Then ran down the street to Clark's girlfriend's house -- with a gun in his hand.

"She said something about the gun jamming.  So, he was going to shoot her?  Yes sir," continues Millican.

Millican then said Clark left her house...jumped the fence next door and barged into HIS house.

He continues, "I ran up to my daddy's door..kicked his door in..he was sleeping on the bed..jumped up on the bed..had the gun facing toward my dad's head."

Millican said Clark turned the gun on HIM...and ordered him to go back to his room.
That's when he says Clark robbed the family.

"He stole $3,003 dollars from my father," says Millican.

Millican said Clark grabbed the money -- and hopped back in the stolen blue Hyundai.
But Clark had one last message for his girlfriend.

"He told Michelle he said baby, I love you...He said he's going down in a glory of hell," continues Millican.

Moments later -- a swarm of officers took him down.