Chase suspect's acquaintances describe background

Christopher Clark looked like a man possessed driving  wildly and dangerously through the streets of Memphis as police pursued...he even jumped out of one stolen car and took another a service station...then police surrounded him he looked like a wild animal who had no intention of being caught.

Action News Five tried to talk with his mother who was with him before the chase began. She refused to talk...but the man who lives with her did come out and talk with us. He did not want his name used.

He states, "Chris had a lot of problems all of his life."

A check of Clark's record in Shelby County shows he spent time in jail here...for things like aggravated theft....a  theft of property..a felon in possession of a handgun... And driving a get away car in a purse snatching. He spent a few days in jail in Bartlett for driving on a suspended license and possession of a small amount of Marijuana..he got out of jail in Bartlett in February.

The man says he then went to Alabama to work as a carpenter.  He was arrested there for theft.

He continues, "He has been on drugs most of his life."

He says Clark got his head tattooed in prison. Police say Clark is a member of a white supremacist group.

Ultimately the man claims Clark does not want to live.

"He don't care he don't care about nothing when he gets on drugs and you think he was on drugs yesterday. I'm sure he was I know he was," he states.

In a 2003 arrest for theft of was noted in his file that Clark wanted to die. He was taken to the Med for emergency commitment. Police say Christopher Clark is bipolar.