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Former MPD reserve officer pleads guilty

Facing the rest of his life in federal prison, former M-P-D reserve officer Andrew Hunt pleaded guilty to charges he used his position to shakedown drug dealers.

Arthur Horne, Hunt's attorney, says "I think it was in his best interest to do what he did."

Basically, admit to the mountain of evidence the U-S Attorney's office laid out before the court.
Prosecutors say Hunt, while in uniform, set up bogus drug deals, used his squad car to pull over those delivering the drugs, then robbed them of the cash and drugs.
The guilty plea could get still Hunt a life sentence from the judge, but his attorney says, odds are, Hunt won't get it.

Horne continues, "I think that there are some factors about Mr. Hunt's character that are going to be in his favor."
Factors like no criminal record, accepting responsibility, and agreeing to cooperate with the U-S Attorney's office in other cases.
Prosecutors say Hunt was recruited by a ring of full-time officers already indicted on similar charges.
"Mr. Hunt wants to accept responsibility for what he's done and move forward and get this behind him," continues Horne. 

Even though the guilty plea doesn't mean the judge has to go easy on him.        
Still, Hunt chose to roll the dice, roll over on his fellow officers, with no guarantees he won't spend the rest of his life in prison.

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