Titans Lose Opener

The Titans had 3 quarterbacks to choose from heading into the season opener against the Jets. Super rookie Vince Young, established veteran back-up Billy Volek or newly acquired Kerry Collins.   Jeff Fisher decided to go with Collins as the starter but Young was in soon after.  The result was a 23-16 loss to the jets.

The top draft pick completed his first 3 passes in the 1st quarter and had the Titans driving. But then he was picked off by former Titan Andre Dyson...and that was it for him. 3 of 4 passes for 27 yards. So Collins came back in in the 2nd quarter and he too was picked off by Dyson.  That initerception led to a Chad Pennington touchdown pass to Jerrico Cotchery to give the Jets a 13-0 lead at the half.

But the Titans clawed their way back in it with two Travis Henry touchdown runs.  They went for two in the 4th quarter and Collins came through, hitting Drew Bennett to tie the game at 16. But the Jets would score again, and Collins last attempt at the end zone fell incomplete. He threw for 223 yards, was picked twice and booed during the game.