Memphis Firefighters gather to remember September 11th

As the bell sounded at Memphis' Fire Museum...Memphis firefighters and police gathered for a moment of silence for their brothers and sisters who died on 911...

Alvin Benson with the Memphis Fire Department says, "Of course in New York there were 343 firefighters who died in the line of duty - as we stand here before our memorial wall in memphis we've lost 52-people in the line of duty over the years."

The ceremony took on special meaning for Shelley Vogel.

Vogul says, "We're proud of all the firefighters."

Vogel's husband is a Memphis firefighter and now her young son wants to follow in his father's footsteps.  She says events like this is a good way to honor those who have made a career out of protecting others.

Vogul continues, "He puts his life on the line everyday for people he doesn't know so I think that speaks volumes for his character."

Supervisors say danger is a way of life for workers in their profession.

"A very dangerous job, thankless job, firefighters certainly realize that but they give unselfishly ah they put others first and it's the nature of the job..." continues Vogul.

And that's one of the reasons emotions were so high at this ceremony.

Benson says, "Never forget - those that have fallen and try to remember - and just try to remember the sacrifices that they have made."