Memphis police make arrests in crime spree

In the last nine days, 15 Midtowners, mostly women, became victims of a gang's crime spree.

4 men were arrested last week by the Memphis Police department in relation to the incidents.
They range in age from 17 to 25.

Police say the four belong  the "99 Insane Vice Lords", a sect of the Vice Lords organization.

The crimes happened between August 26 and September 3. Mostly along Midtown's major streets, Central, Madison, McLean, Cooper and Poplar.

They were fast and dangerous...on one night, police say the men committed five robberies in less than two hours, and ramming one woman's head on her car!!!

They're M-O was the same throughout... flashing a gun as they approached victims, demanding money, then fleeing in a dark colored car.

Memphis Police say the victims and and other eyewitness accounts played a big part in getting these guys off the street

Insp. Mark Collins with the Memphis Police Department says, "What was so heartening to me...calling in saying they went that a way...invaluable to this effort."

Police say this is  Operation Blue Crush at work and it's not over...saying gang members started this war and Memphis Police will finish it.

Three of the robbers being held on multiple counts of aggravated robbery with bonds at $250,000...   A 17-year-old is in juvenile custody, but district attorney general Bill Gibbons says his office will seek to have him tried as an adult.