Monique Johnson makes first appearance in court

Monique Johnson, a deputy jailer, stood on the other side of the law in her first court appearance... accused of murdering Memphis police officer Toney Hayes, described in documents as Johnson's boyfriend.

A stack of police records describe Johnson as a woman full of rage -- a woman with a history of violent and romantic interludes.

In May, police were called to Hayes Cordova home after accusations Johnson vandalized his clothes car and furniture.  The report indicates Johnson carved a vulgar word on Hayes leather headboard..scratched his corvette and carved another obscenity on his Mercedes.  Reports also say she cut up his clothing slashed his mattress and poured baby oil on it and in his dress shoes.

Johnson told police she had become jealous because Hayes had gotten a call from another woman.

Police say that case is still pending...Johnson had left the scene when they arrived.

That's not all.

Johnson was arrested after an incident involving a former boyfriend.

Last year, according to a police report, Johnson was in a car with her boyfriend at a Walgreens. He got out and she ran him down throwing him up on the hood of the car banging his head on the windshield. She took off on Winchester according to a witness. The boyfriend was not seriously injured.

Johnson was never charged in that case.

Sgt. Joe Griffin with the Memphis Police Department says, "It was investigated. She was brought in and questioned about it. After all the evidence was in the witness was questioned..the the victim did not corroborate what happened."

Police say the D. A. found there was not enough to prosecute.