Police release two women in fire investigation

Memphis police have released two women who left their young children home alone...Meanwhile, firefighters investigate the deadly fire that killed one and injured another.

The fire happened at the Chickasaw Apartments in the 29-hundred block of Mimosa.

The two year old little boy is in critical condition at Le Bonheur.

Five year old Jeremy Gunn is dead.

Although police released the boys' mothers without charging them,  there is still a good chance someone will face charges.

One day after the fire, security is keeping the media out of the Chickasaw Gardens Apartments.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation...as are the mothers of the two boys. 
Earlier today, a police spokesman told Action News Five that investigators are working with the D-A's office to make sure that if and when charges are filed, they have the evidence to support those charges.
The biggest question on investigators minds...why a two and a five year old were left home alone.

Police say, "It's a tragedy, just think about it just think about it.  What happened two kids left in a home alone. There are some questions to be answered for sure. Even if nothing happened, even if they were okay there are some questions that  need to be asked."

Once again, the two mothers in this case have been released from police custody but the case remains open.

Action News Five also talked with a spokesperson at The Department of Children Services...he told us DCS is very much aware of this case.
Its investigators are working with the other agencies to find out who is responsible for leaving two young children home alone--costing a five year old his life and leaving a two year old here in critical condition.