Manning Bowl Over, Brothers Relieved

Did all the Hype for the Sibling Rivalry, Manning vs Mannig, live up to your expectations?

It sure did on the field last night in the NFL.

Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts got the better of Eli Manning and the New York Giants in the Debut game of NBC's Sunday Night 26-to-21.

The Brothers numbers, extremely close.. 25 of 41, 276 yards and a touchdown for Peyton..

20-of-34 for 247 yards, 1-score and a pick for Eli..

Once the game ended, both were glad the Hype was over.

Said Peyton of his little brother:

I told him I was very proud of him and the way he competed. It was fun to see him play in person. He's every bit as good in person as he is on TV and he'll be a great quarterback in this league for years to come.

To which, Eli added:

"I just told him good game. We'll talk more later in the week. He got a good win there."

The Colts and Giants aren't scheduled to meet again till 20-11..unless Peyton and Eli take their teams to the Super Bowl.