Apartment residents react to deadly weekend fire

No charges for two Mid-South moms questioned about a fire that killed one boy and critically injured another.
There are, however, more questions and a written warning that came just days before police say the children were left home alone.    
A letter made its way to all 272 units at Chickasaw Place Apartments Friday, a warning from management to all parents reminding them that it's a hazard to leave children unattended.

"That was the worst thing about the situation," said one mother named Jerry.
Jerry was there when a fire burned two children inside Apartment 12 Sunday, killing  5-year-old Jeremy Gunn and leaving a two-year-old boy in extremely critical condition.  Police say the children were left by themselves, something tenants say happens all the time in their complex!

"I think a lot of people aren't thinking.  You gotta think before you do certain things because it's too late to think about it once that already happened," Jerry said.
Tenants at the Section 8 housing complex are under strict federal guidelines that include adult supervision of children.  Police want to know why no one was watching children in this apartment Sunday.  "Two kids left home alone?  There are some questions to be answered," said Sergeant Vince Higgins.  Until police get those answers, charges won't be filed.
For now, the warning must serve as a reminder for people across the Mid-South.
Chickasaw Apartments employees expressed sadness for what happened and concern for all families involved.