Memphians gather to remember 9-11 attacks

Just like most Americans, for Jackie Kish September 11th 2001 started like any other Tuesday.

Kish says, "I got ready, drove to work, was talking on my cell phone, heard on the radio that the first tower had been hit."

When the second tower got hit, she sent an e-mail to her brother, Lieutenant Colonel Kerry Dickerson, in Washington D.C.

Kish continues, "He worked at the Pentagon.  I knew that he would have an opinion, but unfortunately I never got that email back."

Not long after Kish tried to reach her brother, American Airlines Flight 77 slammed into the Pentagon.

"Chills just went down my spine, so I went to the TV and they were talking on the news about how they didn't think many people had been affected because they were in the newly renovated part of the Pentagon," continues Kish.

But Kish says she knew better, remembering what her brother told her when she visited her his newly renovated office just three months earlier.

Kish continues, "We stood right there and he told me, he was like if there was every a ground zero in the world, you're looking at it right now."

Her brother's eerie prediction still haunts Kish.
Colonel Dickerson was among the 184 people killed in the attack.

"I really hate that I got to experience it up close and personal, but it's definitely something that we'll never forget," continues Kish.

And the memories show no sign of fading five years after terrorists took her brother and nearly three thousands others.