Memphis City Schools initiate adult campus monitor program

Soon when the bell rings...And the kids fill the halls...The hallways will be patrolled not just by campus police officers but by adult campus monitors.

Dr. Alfred Hall with Memphis City Schools says, "We expect them to have a presence not just in the hallways but on the grounds, places where people congregate before and after school."

In all, 60 monitors will be hired.
But don't expect monitors to physically break up fights.
Their training will focus on preventing them.

Hall continues, "We'll train them with how to identify indicators that there may be a problem about to arise. How to serve as quick intervention before something escalates."
Ridgeway High School Principal James Long says campus monitors will cut down the number of fights.

"Kids typically don't want to disappoint the grown-ups around them. There are a lot of good kids in our schools and they will do what's expected of them," continues Hall. 
But Long and current school volunteer Joe Hunter say the key to success lies with how the monitors interact with students.

MCS volunteer Joe Hunter says, "Know that you are there to help the children.You're not there to be their parent but you are there to be a positive role model in their life."
Role models that will be expected to make students safer.