LeBonheur hospital set to expand eastward

The mayor of Memphis says  multi million dollar expansion at LeBonheur and at Methodist Lebonheur Germantown will move the city and county to a new level of medical care.

It also means movement eastward for medical care.

It's a 124 million dollar expansion to Methodist LeBonheur Germantown hospital that will add  one hundred beds to the hospital.

A hospital spokesperson said  the move will help the hospital meet the demands of population shifts to the east.

Earlier in the year the hospital announced it will  spend more than 300 million to expand LeBonheur in the medical center.

Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton says he doesn't see the expansion in Germantown as sign the hospital is moving away from the inner city.

Mayor Herenton says, "Lebonheur's investment is a major statement in the downtown area. It will be a major medical corridor not just for Memphis and Shelby County but for the entire midsouth region. This is a huge investment in the city of Memphis and the downtown area."

The state still must approve the plan.  Hospital officials will go to Nashville in December to ask for a Certificate of Need. Mayor Herenton said he'll go to help keep this project on target.

Methodist's CEO said the expansion in no way means LeBonheur is abandoning the inner city. Gary Shorb told me the additional beds will allow for greater patient care moving Lebonheur close to the top in children's care across the country.