Better Business Bureau questions closure of local business

Vicki Atkins and Rita Reed have something in common.

They both loved visiting "A Touch of Health" day spa.

Atkins says, "And really liked the service."

Reed continues, "Very relaxing, loved it, never had any complaints about it."

They felt safe purchasing hundreds of dollars in pre-paid services.

Then, the place they came to relax suddenly closed!

Reed continues, "No sign, no one called to tell me they were closed--my appointment was still scheduled--there was nothing."

There was still nothing when Action News Five came calling.

ONLY a locked door and empty building.

FOR LEASE signs now hang in the windows.

Atkins continues, "I enjoyed coming here--I'm just disappointed the way things turned out."

They're also disappointed with owner David Pryor.

The front page of the spa's web-site still includes his message to customers.

It states he lost his lease and had to move and that he plans to re-open.

But it's been nearly six months since the doors closed!

Since then, The Better Business Bureau has received more than 30 complaints about "A Touch of Health."

Most people in the same boat as Vicki and Rita.

Toni Fagan with the Better Business Bureau says,"And basically that means people have purchased packages or gift certificates and they can't redeem them because the company's closed."

Owner David Pryor is not listed in the phone book.

The BBB has also been "out of luck" when it comes to getting answers.

Fagan says, "We didn't get any responses from the company and in a few months our mail started to be returned."

Atkins says, "I just hope that we can get our money back."

BBB officials say that's unlikely, barring a trip to court.

But a lawsuit could cost customers more than they've lost.
Money wasted on a once-popular business.

One that has left many customers anything but feeling good.