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Munford resident speaks out about Wal Mart robbery

For Crystal Johnson of Munford, a lunch break trip to a Memphis Wal Mart turned into a life lesson.

Johnson says, "It just took my breath to see a barrel of a gun pointed towards you over a purse."

Johnson says a man in a car pulled a gun on her and grabbed her purse as she walked to her broad daylight in a parking lot full of people.

"Everything was in slow motion.  I watched them turn out of the parking lot and I couldn't say anything.  I couldn't do anything.  I couldn't scream I couldn't run," continues Johnson. 

Memphis police say armed robberies like this are far from infrequent...Hundreds so far this year.

Sgt. Vince Higgins with the Memphis Police Department says, "Most all of them are involving coming from a store or going home from a store or coming out of their home en route to a store."

Police say robbers often target those shopping alone, those who seem distracted, or parked far away from the store.

Another tip you may not know is watch who you're parking next to.  Police say big trucks and big SUV's can keep you from seeing who's coming, and keep others from seeing you."
Police say Johnson did everything right...Somehow the crooks still saw an opportunity.

Johnson continues, "You don't pay attention to the people that are around you and I wish I did, but I didn't."

Johnson says from now on she'll keep her eyes peeled and look over her shoulder. 

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