2nd child dies after weekend apartment fire

Nicole Jefferson knew the little two year-old who didn't make it...

Her son Sirrom used to play with him every day.

Jefferson says, "He'll come over here and play like right here with my child, you know be playing with his little bike on my patio."

Now, like all of her neighbors, Jefferson is reeling.

More fallout from the weekend fire at Chickasaw Place Apartments.

Two children - Jeremy Gunn and Cory Dotson - died.

Sgt. Vince Higgins with the Memphis Police department says, "It appears that they were left home alone in the apartment in the kitchen, while the kitchen was cooking... And as a result, we got two kids dead."

In a twist of tragic irony, a letter went out to all 272 tenants at the complex just days before the fire, warning parents not to leave their children home alone.

The mothers of the two children were held and then released by police late Sunday, but have not been charged with any crime.

Jennifer Donnals, with the D-A's office, says it's possible that could change, but that they're still gathering information.  Fire and autopsy reports are still pending.

Donnals says, "It's my understanding that police are still waiting for some reports to come.  And once the reports are in, they will finish the investigation and present the findings to our office to make a determination on charges."

Donnals says it's not unusual when there are so many different factors to consider.