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Touch of Health customers react to business closure

As Cissie Pryor straightens a shelf inside her day spa, she wishes she could straighten the mess surrounding a "A Touch of Health."

"If I could scroll ahead or back and make some changes--I would," says Pryor.

Pryor says "A Touch of Health" was her husband David's baby.  It was a business that had a ton of bills toward the end, and could no longer even pay the rent.

"To be honest we weren't sure what to do--I mean we really were not sure," says Cissie Pryor.

So they closed.  Customers we interviewed say it came without warning.  Meantime, they were left holding hundreds of dollars in pre-paid packages and gift certificates with no clue about what to do.

"You know, I don't think that's fair," says former customer Anita Mays.  "People have to loss money because Touch of Health couldn't pay their bills," she adds.

From the landlord to a lock-smith, we found where others sued "A Touch of Health" for not paying its bills.

Cissie Pryor says she's sorry customers were left holding the bag.

"We don't have the capacity to give back money--so if people want that back--I just don't have that," says Pryor.

She says she will honor gift certificates from "A Touch of Health" at her spa called "Living Health."  But there's a catch.  She can't afford to do it for free.

"We charge a service fee--it's 10 dollars for each half hour," says Pryor.

Pryor hopes long-time customers understand.  But realizes many others will continue to feel they've been "rubbed" the wrong way.

Cissie Pryor told us her husband David could not comment on "A Touch of Health" or its sudden closing.

That's because he's still in court with his former landlord.  Any former customers with questions can call "Living Health Day-Spa" or "The Tennessee School of Massage," which Cissie also operates.  The number is 507-2333.

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