Hundreds gather to honor MPD officer

Hundreds of people--family, friends and fellow police officers--lined up Wednesday to honor Officer Tony Hayes.
Among them, one who knew him best..his former partner.
Who agreed to talk with Action News Five exclusively after the funeral.
While he's experiencing his own grief, most of his thoughts were with the person he says lost the most.

The former states, "I thought about his son and you know some of the advice I would give him is just be the same type of man that your dad was."
Those who knew and loved Hayes say first he was a good father, then a good friend..

The former partner continues, "His personality, his charisma...we remained friends after we stopped riding together. He always had that bubbly personality always up seems like nothing could bring him down."
The partner says, "They lost one of the finest officers I've ever seen. He was compassionate hardworking firm and fair."

Tony Hays is survived by his wife and two children.