Police chase carjacking victim speaks out

While "you" saw the dramatic crash live from Chopper Five...

Ruby Townsend saw the events unfold from the front seat of the silver Taurus investigators say Christopher John Clark carjacked and slammed into four police vehicles...

Townsend says, "I just knew I was going to die...I couldn't get out...I just held my head down and started praying..."

Townsend says just minutes earlier she and her daughter were getting gas at the BP station at Summer and Hollywood when officers say Clark -  on the run from police - jumped out of a stolen Honda and ran toward them.

Carjacking victim Mattie McKinney says, "I thought he was going to shoot me because he had the gun in his hand running real fast and so I ducked to the right..."

But police say Clark jumped into McKinney's car and sped off.

McKinney continues, "And I'm standing there like, Oh my God, this man with a gun has jumped in the car with my mama and took off.  I was just terrified..!"

Townsend says that was the sound of the crash and police running across the roof of the car to arrest the carjacker.

"And you couldn't see nothing but guns and police and they were saying don't shoot, don't shoot..." says Townsend.

Townsend feels that officers who rammed the car saved her life.