Memphis City Schools release data on student crime

After parents shared concerns over reporting of student offenses at Memphis City Schools, the district took action.
School administrators released a 17-page report with data they plan to use to make schools safer.

It contains 751 campus offenses tracked over the last year.
Information Memphis City Schools hopes to use to change perception about safety on campus for students like High School Senior Jesse Thompson.

He says he does not feel safe on campus.
For the first time, the district is releasing the data after implementing a new tracking system.

Administrators hope to give parents a clear picture of offenses happening in the schools and to pinpoint hot spots.

"We've had a chance to review the figures, to be able to isolate the main areas by incident, by school to be able to articulate and implement particular strategies of interventions," said Dr. Alfred Hall, Chief Academic Officer for Memphis City Schools.

The school system used information from the to determine where to place more campus monitors.
The data for the 2005-2006 school year shows Trezevant High School ranks number one for battery against a teacher or staff.

There were five last year.  Craigmont High School ranked highest in two areas with the most firearms possessions, 5, and weapons possessions, 9 in the district.
The numbers shocked parents.  "I just didn't think there would be that many offenses," said Geneva Goodell, who has two sons at Craigmont High.
Thompson had a different view.  He said he was not surprised by the number of offenses at his school.  He also said he was not convinced the new strategy to curb violence would work.

"Because they'll do it no matter what.  So it kind of does give me hope and it kind of doesn't," said Thompson.

For that reason, the school system stresses that everyone plays a key role in keeping schools safe.
The school system says the bottom line is to create an environment for positive learning.