Memphis soldier injured in Afghanistan

Linda Jenkinson spent most of the day packing.  She's headed to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. to see her son who was injured in Afghanistan.

Jenkinson says, "Ah he is grateful to be alive..!"

He's alive after an enemy rocket slammed into her son's his armored vehicle Monday wounding him and three-other soldiers.

Jenkinson continues, "He has shrapnel wounds to his face, he has an ear injury."

Sgt. Dennis Cline also lost his left hand in the attack.

Jenkinson and her husband have high hopes visiting their son will lift his spirits. 
She expects to spend the next several months making frequent trips to the D.C. hospital.
For years Jenkinson has led her church's efforts to send care packages to U.S. soldiers and now, Trinity United Methodist is raising funds for her family.

"And I was just totally overwhelmed with thankfulness because that helps everything easier knowing that I am able to get there," Jenkinson continues.

The church has invited others in the community to help.  
Officials say as head of their outreach program Jenkinson has been there  for other families and now it time to be there for hers.