Covington police investigate the first murder of the year

As Covington Police Chief, Bennie Carver shows Action News Five the scene of the town's only murder of the year.

The rest of the town is in shock over what happened.

One resident says, "It don't hardly happen here."

Leigh Ann Page is right.  She lives right down the street from where the murder happened.
The murder is Covington's first in THREE years.

Page says, "It shocked me.  It's so close to my house."

She continues, "Small town like just don't expect murder and crime like that."

C-H Sullivan works at a local bank.
He's lived in Covington all his life.

Sullivan says, "Everything is usually laid back and calm.  This is certainly a shock to all of us."

Chief Carver says the murder serves as a wake-up call not only for police but also for the people living here as well.

Carver says, "It's kinda like family here.  Everyone knows everybody...we try to keep a close knit on things.  We try to communicate more with the public and the people in the city."

And, it's that community involvement Chief Carver says keeps Covington safe.