Chase suspect appears in court

Christopher Clark appeared poised and polite in front of a federal judge for the first time Thursday.

This is a far cry from how most of us came to know him.

He is the man who led police on this high-speed chase.

The man accused of at least four carjackings who held his last victim at gunpoint before his wild ride came to a dramatic end.

A woman we'll call "Michelle" was Christopher Clark's girlfriend for a year.

She watched the chase on Channel 5.

In fact, she says Clark came by moments before it really got going.

She says, "I asked him to lay down and turn himself in."

That didn't happen.

And when the chase ended, Clark could be heard saying "I did it for you baby."

That baby is Michelle.

She continues, "You always love somebody-- You don't have to like what they do."

She tells me Clark went off the deep end after he moved to Alabama, got arrested for stealing a tractor, and then ESCAPED from jail days after SHE dumped him.

She doesn't feel responsible for what he did.

She just think he needs some help.  "He needs somebody to look inside his head and help him," she says.

For now, Michelle believes Clark is exactly where he needs to be behind bars for HER safety, HIS safety, and the safety of others.