Mysterious bag leads Gibson County authorities on an intense investigation

Even before Gibson County authorities knew what was inside a mysterious black bag, they had to assume the worst and activate the safest plan possible.

Charles Leatherwood's idea of an exciting day in Bradford is taking a spin in his golf cart.

"There's never no excitement of no kind." said Leatherwood.

But Thursday was an unnerving exception.

Leatherwood and his neighbors had to be evacuated while local and federal agents converged on a suspicious satchel left at the construction business across from his house.

Gibson County Sheriff Chuck Arnold says agents sent in a robot to examine the bag, believed to contain bomb making materials and a map of Bradford marked with red dots.

But an X-ray revealed a less threatening list of items.

"I was told from the bomb people that it was fireworks various papers, photos of guns a map and a grill lighter," said Arnold.

Even though the contents of the bag found behind this building turned out to be much less sinister, residents say they're thankful that law enforcement agents used extreme measures for their safety.

"Sure you can't take a chance because you don't know what anybody is gonna do now, it's scary," said Bradford resident Betty Romines.

Even though crime is something residents hardly ever see here, they'd rather be safe than sorry.