MLGW to revise key policy

From now on, working at Memphis' publicly-owned utility company will be more of a family affair.

MLGW is revising their current nepotism policy to allow the hiring of relatives as long as they don't report directly to one another.
It's a decision that raises suspicions of at least one city council member.

City Councilman E.C. Jones says, "With the things that's going on at Memphis Light Gas and Water right now it becomes suspect."

Jones has has asked MLGW executives to come to a council committee meeting next week to answer the question...why now?

Jones continues, "Since we have to approve their budget I think we have a right to ask questions about their policy."

Jones has been consistently critical of utility president Joseph Lee since 2003 when Lee recommended a 10 percent increase for employee Sheila Whalum who happens to be his cousin.

Jones says, "And you know Mr. Lee might not have anything to do but of course he's the president and he's going to get the credit or the blame."

The company also sites a voter approved referendum that prohibits them from hiring OUTSIDE the city limits.  They say opening the door to family members broadens their search for qualified candidates.