Brooks special election could cost taxpayers

The August third Shelby County primary put Democratic State Representative Henri Brooks in a county commission seat.

Here's the problem...her name is on the November ballot for the state house seat.

Rich Holden with the Shelby County Election Commission says, "If she chooses to stay on the ballot, she will be elected because she doesn't have competition. She will be able to serve in the Tennessee house for up to 90 days. "

It would mean Shelby county would have to hold a special election for the house seat costing Tennessee taxpayers 100-thousand dollars. Brooks refused to talk on camera but she told Action News Five by phone quote "I am not going to take my name off the ballot and put the election in the hands of a few people. I made a commitment to the people so they could have input in the process."

Brooks wants the special election...Shelby County Democratic party Chairman Matt Kuhn says under a new state law Brooks could withdraw her name from the state general election ballot in November and let the  Shelby county Democratic executive committee choose someone to replace her on the  November ballot.  Kuhn says Brooks should let the committee choose.

Shelby County Democratic party chair Matt Kuhn says, "I do think the county party and most parties in general are tired of special elections and any time we can do anything to avoid it it would be good public policy our perspective."

Kuhn says the party doesn't think it's a good idea to force the public to pay 100-thousand dollars for a special election that could be avoided.