Fight breaks out near Melrose High School

10 students were arrested and one taken to the hospital after five fights broke out at Melrose High School.

Melrose 10th grader Charles Curtis says the first fight started inside the school, just as classes let out for the weekend.

"They ain't going to get in no fight, they ain't going to get in no fight, then as soon as we turned around, they was beating dude up, stomping him, beating him in his face, all that," Curtis recalled.

Memphis Police say a total of 5 fights followed in Lewis-Davis Park across from the high school.

Students who witnessed one of the park fights say gang members were involved.

"It was one dude, he stepped on somebody's shoe and dude's shoe who he stepped on, they just started fighting, that's how the whole thing started," one student said.

The Friday afternoon fights at Melrose are just the latest in a string of violence at Memphis City High Schools.

Last week, students were arrested and sent to the hospital after two fights at Trezevant High.  And last month, nearly 2 dozen students were arrested after fights at Craigmont High.

It's the reason district leaders held a job fair, to hire 60 part time hall monitors, hoping to restore the peace.

Something that doesn't seem likely when you listen to these kids.

"I say let them fight...that's the way to solve problems ain't it?" one student asked.

No word on charges against the students taken into custody.