Investigators continue to piece together school bus accident

By the time the school bus ended up in the road median it had flipped over at least two times...

Investigators say the bus was among 4-trying to pass an SUV when the accident happened.

Sgt. Scott Swanson says, "The SUV swerved off to the right and over corrected and struck the bus from the right rear quarter panel..."

According to Sergeant Scott Swanson as the buses passed the SUV, the SUV first swerved away from the buses and then quickly turned back into the 3rd bus - forcing that bus's driver to lose control.

Swanson continues, "And my understanding is, she tried to correct it, got into a fish tail and it just went off into the median..."

Investigators say the SUV flipped over too.

It was a hectic scene Friday night as ambulances and helicopters rushed a number of passengers to the hospital.

Highway Patrol identified the driver of the bus as Cora Johnson and the suv's driver as Viola Joyner.  Right now the crime lab is studying blood samples taken from the drivers.  They say that's a routine procedure to see if alcohol was involved.
Sergeant Swanson says the investigation is far from over.

Swanson says, "We're trying to figure out what made the person run off to the right and snatch back to the left."

Highway Patrol reconstruction teams have been working since Friday to determine exactly what happened.  Investigators told Action News Five it's a miracle that everyone got out of this accident alive.