Hank Williams Jr. appears in a Memphis court

Hank Williams Junior sat in a chair and listened as Holly Hornbeak spelled out what she says happened on a Friday night in March in the Peabody lobby where she worked as a cocktail waitress.

She said Williams was sitting with several people ordering drinks.

Hornbeak says, "I approached them...greeted them as usual. A man I didn't recognize stood up and said, 'Do you know who I am.' I said no sir. I'm Hank Williams Jr., you dumb b____."

Hornbeak said she got the drink order and brought it to Williams table. She says he became very loud.

"Mr. Williams started cursing loudly so everyone could hear. He was using words I do not want to say.  It made me extremely uncomfortable," continues Hornbeak.

Hornbeak testified in court that on the night in question the lobby here at the Peabody was not packed. She said there were about 30 people sitting at 8 different tables and around 6 or 7 people at the bar.

Hornbeak testified that Williams assaulted her when she served more drinks.

Hornbeak continues, "He took two hands put them on my shoulders and pulled my face down in a manner like he was going to kiss me."

Hornbeak testified that she kept serving Williams table because she thought he would stop if she did. She said  Williams' representative offered her tickets to a Willliams concert that weekend. It also came out that her attorney sent a letter to Williams attorney asking for a quarter of a million dollars two days later.

Hank Williams Jr. says, "They play their hand and we play ours."  When asked if he felt confident, Williams stated, "Yeah more than pretty...Let me put it this way...they had their turn, we'll have ours. Thank you very much."

Williams says he didn't do it and does not have any bad feelings about Memphis.