Collierville police continue to investigate weekend home invasion

Hours after this weekend's home invastion, The victims put their house back on the market.

Neighbors weren't suprised to see the for sale sign reappear.

Police say they haven't determined why this family, in this upscale neighborhood was robbed.

Collierville police say, "He was either followed or a combination of being followed and someone waiting for him to arrive home."

Just after four o'clock Saturday morning, police say at least five men in a white van ambushed the homeowner in his driveway then forced him inside the home.

Then the masked men handcuffed the husband, wife and oldest child...the youngest was duck taped.

Police continue, "Its not a case where the homeowner knows the suspect or recognizes the suspect..."

That's what has some people in Collierville puzzled and unnerved.

Action News Five talked with several people who live in the Halle Plantion neighborhood who did not want to go on camera. While they say they're taking precautions, they say they don't believe this home invasion was a random act.

Still police say until the robbers are caught, people should be careful.

Police continues, "The message I really want to get out to people in the neighborhood is Be mindful, I THINK this goes to the whole town, be mindful of your surroundings."

When you see something suspicious, call police.