SUV driver leads Memphis police on a wild ride

Six evidence markers, two SUV's and one bullet hole...all signs of the wild ride through a South Memphis neighborhood.

One witness says, "I was standing on the hill, I heard the sirens and saw them come past."

In a blue truck, four undercover officers with the Auto Cargo Task Force.... in a red truck, two men police say... "Seemed to be looking for trouble."

Sgt. Joe Griffin with the Memphis Police Department says, "The suspect vehicle approached an unmarked unit and hit the unit, officers let the window down, showed weapons and a badge to let them know they were police.  Then, these guys let their window down and displayed weapons."

The driver of the red SUV took off, leading officers on a chase that ended at the corner of Manson and Honduras...

Witness Antonio Stevenson says, "By the time pushed in ditch, they was sideswiping, blue truck pushing red truck toward gate."

Griffin continues, "One of the officers exited his vehicle displaying gun and badge and the suspect attempted to run over officer.  The officer fired 3 shots striking the driver."

The suspect was taken to the MED with gunshot wounds to his lower body, leaving investigators with lots of questions.

"Why these guys would come up to these officers we don't know," continues Griffin.