Family expresses regret after purchasing horse on-line

16 year-old Shelbie Banks loves horses.

She rides competitively and has won many ribbons.

She thought she'd win more with this horse she and her mom bought on-line at  A web-site featuring horses and related items.

Fayette County resident Shelbie Banks says, "I thought he was perfect--size, breed, color--thought he'd have the ability to do what I needed to do."

The family forked over more than FIVE THOUSAND dollars for this horse, another THOUSAND to ship it from California.

When it arrived, they say it was 300 pounds underweight and when their trainer tried to mount it, the horse collapsed.

Fayette County resident Cathy Banks says, "Had it been my daughter on him and not a grown man--it could have killed her."

Apparently, this LOCAL family has a familiar story.

California resident Sylvia James says, "It looked sick, had blisters in his mouth---it was bleeding from her privates."

These California folks say they're in the same boat as the Banks.

All bought horses on-line from a lady by the name of Trinia Kenney.

They say either they got NO horse at all OR one that wasn't healthy.

James continues, "The information and the pictures we got of the horse looked nothing like the horse that we received."

Like others, the Banks family sued Ms. Kenney in civil court and WON--but all remain skeptical about getting their money back.

Turns out, Kenney is already under investigation in California.

One county's animal control has slapped her with a Notice of Violation.

No criminal charges have been filed, and Kenney isn't talking.

Kenney says, "They are harassing me, they are harassing me."

Our sister station in Los Angeles tracked her down at a livestock auction where her alleged victims say she's still up to no good.

California resident Alcina Talbot says, "I want her in prison--I want to make sure she never owns anything living again."

Back here at home, the Banks family feels the same way.

They feel Kenney needs to be stopped before any others are taken for a ride.